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Master Photographers - Jazz

Photographers who photograph world renowned Musicians

Skip Bolen
This Los Angeles-based shooter has specialized over the last few years in images from the annual New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival (Jazz Fest), but he's got a wide selection from his mainly black-and-white portfolio online. Some great shots and an eye-catching home page.

William Claxton
Sleek site by the well-known shooter who began his work in the 1950s. Loaded with gallery images, including his excellent work outside of jazz photography. He has captured many jazz greats, including Chet Baker, Miles, Nat King Cole, Joe Williams, Dinah Washington and countless others. shucks! you need flash5 player installed

William Gottlieb
Probably the most famous jazz photographer, Gottlieb essentially set the standard with his Speed Graphic working at The Washington Post starting in 1938. His astounding body of work is now part of the Library of Congress collection. This site is rich in its gallery images and wonderful stories of Gottlieb's memories of his very memorable subjects, including Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Dizzy Gillespie and of course, Billie Holiday.

Herman Leonard
From the 1940s through the mid-50s, Leonard captured the essence of the New York jazz scene like no else. His stellar collection of photographs, featuring Charlie Parker, Sarah Vaughan Lena Horne, Thelonius, Monk is part of the Smithsonian Institution's permanent archives. His site has a gallery of 28 images.

Jim Marshall
San Francisco native Jim Marshall looks to be primarily a rock photographer, but he has shot John Coltrane, Cannonball Adderly, Miles, and others. His site was very slow to load when we last checked, but does contain selected artist images.

Jim Alexander
prolific photographer who resides in Atlanta. Jim Alexander has spent over forty years refining his art of documentary photography. A photojournalist, teacher, activist, entrepreneur and media consultant, Mr. Alexander has been on the scene -- at festivals, concerts, cultural events, rallies, demonstrations, meetings and marches, photographing events that guided the course of history.

Joe P. Smith
I have been shooting jazz since 1991 when I was commissioned to cover the first edition of the Malta International Jazz Festival. I was already doing a good amount of theatrical photography at the time and was quite excited at the prospect of capturing on film some of the best exponents of my favorite music.

Bob Parent
Parent (1923-1987) was a prolific photographer in postwar Boston and pioneered the technique of shooting with available light in the city's dimly lit clubs. Of over 200,000 photos in his archive, the Web site contains some of his best, with a featured artist changed monthly.

Lee Tanner [Jazzimage.com]
Lee Tanner began using a camera as a teenager in New York City. An avid jazz fan from the age of eight and inspired by the jazz photography of Gjon Mili, Bill Claxton, Herb Snitzer, and Herman Leonard, he turned to documenting the jazz scene with a love for the music comparable only to his creative drive for visual expression.

1000 Blue Note album covers
Album covers of famous Blue Note jazz recording artists. Blue Note. The Finest in Jazz Since 1939.


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